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So this light really gets you respect. I call it the commuter cuz it really doesn't put light down on the ground like the other light. ..But the visibality is great. Perfect for in the city when you need to be seen. A car driver sees you coming and they can't figure out if your a motorcycle or scooter..or a car with a headlight out.. even a train (sez Bikearmy)and it (the light) can be made for under 6 bucks at Home Cheapo. The battery pack is still gonna run you a bit 20 to 30 bucks(use the same battery pack as last light) 10 AA Ni-MH at 1.2 volts thats 12 volts 2500 mAh in the cute little plastic holder from Radio shack or some other electronic place.
This light is 11 watts so on this battery pack it should run just under 3 hours. I did a late night city ride last Friday night and it held strong for the 2 1/2 hours we rode.

First we get a Malibu ML11P2 sealed beam light at HD. It comes in a 2 pack.
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Next we cut off the copper tags so it will fit in the pvc cap. I just use side cutters..snip..snip
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Then I put the screws in that come with the light. They will hold my wires to the bulb.
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This is a pic of the little do dads you will need.
Conduit Hanger w/speed thread size #0 3/8-1/2 5pk $1.90 HD
Thumb Screw 1/4 " 3pk $1.29 HD
Wing nut #10-24 4pk $1.29 HD
Round head slotted bolt #10-24 x 3/4 4pk $1.29 HD
Lock washers #10 18pcs.
Male/Female RCA cable (cut one side short aprox 3" for the light and The other long for the battery pack)
and a little toggle switch ..you don't really need it but it is nice.
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Take a 1" pvc pipe cap from the plumbing dept and drill some holes in it. Two in the back one for the switch and one for the power cord.
Next 3 holes on the side. Two to put 2 little screws though. They will bite into the back of the bulb to hold it all together. and one for the bolt to go though to hold the conduit hanger to the cap.
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You hook one power leed to the switch then from the switch to the screw in the back of the bulb. and the other power leed to the other screw on the back of the bulb....
Did I go to fast????? Its really that EASY
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